Concept Animations Multiple Choice Questions

Concept Animations Multiple Choice Questions:-

1.When Doppler radar displays _________, a signature of a rotating mesocyclone (or tornado) may appear on the radar screen as _____.

precipitation intensity; a bright green color

precipitation intensity; bright green directly next to bright red

total rainfall; hail

radial velocity; heavy rain

radial velocity; bright green direction next to bright red

2.The highest precipitation intensity appears as what color on a Doppler radar map?






3.Doppler radars rely on signals returning to the station after bouncing off of precipitation.



4.Sheet lightning typically occurs _____.

when wind moves the ionized channel between each return stroke

when a lightning flash occurs within a cloud or is obscured by intervening clouds

with cloud-to-ground lightning that does not provide rain

as a dart leader moving toward the ground deviates from the original path

on a hot, summer night when the overhead sky is clear

5.Typically, a lightning flash will have _____.

one bright return stroke carrying a negative charge upward into the cloud

one bright stepped ladder carrying a negative charge upward into the cloud

one return stroke followed by a stepped leader

one bright stepped leader carrying a positive charge upward into the cloud

a stepped leader followed by at least one return stroke

6.Negative lightning has the potential to cause more damage than positive lightning because it generates a much higher current level and its flash lasts for a longer duration.




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