Conduct a multicultural observation using publicly available movies

only need 250-300 WORDS

Conduct a multicultural observation using publicly available movies, TV shows, or other video media.  Regarding your choice of a movie, you may draw inspiration from the supplementary article by Greene and colleagues (2014). Spend one hour observing a group of people from a minority culture or subculture, in particular their non-verbal communication.  In your posted message, indicate to what extent those non-verbal aspects helped you locate the characters or cultural groups on the collectivist – individualist continuum, or high- vs. low-context cultural dimension. Do NOT conduct a formal in vivo observation.

Greene, J. H., Barden, S. M., Richardson, E. D., & Hall, K. G. (2014). The influence of film and experiential pedagogy on multicultural counseling self-efficacy and multicultural counseling competence. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 14(5), 62-78. Retrieved from

In getting ready for your multicultural observation, I want to encourage you to check some of the barriers that are more likely to arise when doing cross-cultural counselling. Sue and Sue offer some valuable insights on those barriers that could hinder our effective counselling work with culturally diverse clients, this is a juicy old article!



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