Fax machines are typically used more frequently than emails


  1. Confidential matters should never be written in memos.
  2. When writing letters to patients on a computer, you can always trust the spell check in MS Word.
  3. Annotate means to read and highlight important words or phrases in the correspondence.
  4. Certified mail is used when it is necessary to prove that a piece of mail has been delivered
  5. A cover sheet is mandatory to ensure protection and verify receipt when sending faxes.
  6. A participating fee is the amount Medicare pays a non- contracted participating physician.
  7. A good office policy is to advise patients regarding financial matters.
  8. Another term for a multipurpose billing form is ledger card.
  9. The Act that describes collection practices is called the Final Debt Collection Act.
  10. Garnishment means attaching a debtor’s property or wages so money can be obtained to pay debt.
  11. Preparing daily bank deposits may be one of the chores handled by the administrative medical assistant.
  12. The ledger card is a chronological history of all financial transactions in a patient account.
  13. If a check endorsement says for deposit only. It has a full endorsement.
  14. When a colon or comma is used after the complimentary close, it is referred to as mixed punctuation.
  15. Fax machines are typically used more frequently than emails .

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