Course project in accounting

You have been given the task of evaluating and recommending a viable accounting information system for the accounting and financial data of your company. As you begin to research this system, you realize that many departments are involved in the information system. You decided that selecting a team to assist you with your research would be the most beneficial approach for the company.

This week you begin your course project by selecting a team to assist you in finding an appropriate accounting information system.

In a minimum of 2 full pages, prepare a summary of the departments that will be affected by the change and identify their role on your team.

In your summary, coordinate your thoughts to your concept and present meaning and evidence to back up your opinion.

Your team must consist of at least five departments. Discuss the team members and indicate which departments/roles they represent. Should they be a manager, supervisor, production line worker, etc.? Why?

What are some of the other key characteristics that these team members should have and why these are important? For example, constantly focuses on the task and always listens to others, provides valuable input and ideas, etc.

Provide an APA formatted title page.

Include an APA formatted reference page


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