CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology


  1. The time period for submitting a Medicare claim is six months after the date of service.
  2. CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology.
  3. Computer-assisted coding automatically assigns codes for clinical procedures and services.
  4. There are only two types of worker’s compensation claims, temporary disability, and permanent disability.
  5. A participating physician agrees to accept payment from Medicare, usually 80% of the approved charges.
  6. The Medicare fee schedule is called Resource-Based Relative Value System (RBRVS).
  7. Medicaid is a safety net assistance program, rather than an insurance program.
  8. Precertification means finding out the maximum dollar amount an insurance company will pay for a service.
  9. When Medicare is not likely to pay for a service, the office should have the patient sign an Advance Beneficiary Notice so the patient can make an informed decision about the service.
  10. A doctor’s office submits Medicare claims to a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for Part B services.
  11. Hospitals code procedures from the CPT book just like the doctors.
  12. The number of follow-up days after a surgery is always 30 days.
  13. If a check endorsement says for deposit only. It has a restricted endorsement.
  14. The abbreviation TOS stands for type of service provided in coding.
  15. The best way to communicate information about the medical practice to new patients is through the use of a practice information brochure.

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