Create a PowerPoint Presentation for the Board Meeting

You and Shawn will be meeting next week with John and the board to provide them with your proposed global human capital goals. You both know that to maintain buy-in from this group, your presentation must be strong. This may be the first time that this group has ever seen goals associated with a human capital management program. You are meeting in Shawn’s office to go over talking points on the slides and to coordinate the presentation itself.

“Thanks for coming in early to meet with me this morning,” he says. “I’ve got back-to-back meetings today, and meeting you now will help keep me on schedule.”

“No problem,” you say. “I think it would be helpful to anticipate questions from the board and then answer them in the presentation. I wrote my thoughts down about possible questions and thought we could use this as our starting point.”

“Okay, good,” he says as he reads through them.

At the end of your meeting, you and Shawn agree about the content of your presentation and that the length should be between 10–12 slides (plus title and reference slides) with speaker notes of 200–250 words per slide.

Armed with the following list of questions, you are ready to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the board:

  • Why do global human capital goals differ from global organizational goals?
  • How can global human capital goals be strategically aligned with the global organizational goals?
  • What examples of global human capital problems in other organizations can you provide? How were they resolved?
  • What are the global human capital problems at AGC?
  • What are your formalized goals associated with each of the global human capital problems at AGC?
  • Why are you requesting a cross-cultural team to work in conjunction with you and Shawn in the implementation of these goals?
  • Why do the team members need to be from the home base in the United States and from the three global subsidiaries?

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