Current event labor relations

Week 3

Research a recent event in the news related to industrial and labor negotiations. The purpose of the assignment is to stimulate discussion and sharing your thoughts and opinions of current labor negotiations either at the national, state or local level.

Once you have researched the event, and included a brief overview of your research, discuss your answers to the questions listed below.

1.  Describe the dispute between labor and management.

2.  What interested you in the article or the dispute?

3.  What would you recommend if you were selected to mediate the negotiation between management and labor?

4.  What did you learn from your research?

Post your answers to the Discussion Board under Week Three (forum set-up) so that other students can read and respond to your answers. Your content and logic used when responding to the questions are an integral part of the course grade percent earned for this assignment.  Make sure you post by the stated deadline in week three.

Students must comment/respond to at least one other student’s answers about the researched event.  Comments are to be made with references to specific course content and can include work experiences as a backdrop to the comments. In other words, your comments are to be additive to the original research.


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