“Once almost an exclusive province of physicians’ and other health care providers, moral and ethical issues underlying provider/patient relationships and the difficult decisions resulting from the vast increase in treatment options are now in the domains of law, politics, journalism, health institution administrations, and the public” (Sultz & Young, 2006, p. 32). This discussion board assignment focuses on ethics and policy in health promotion.

1.  To apply the key theoretical and epidemiological concepts obtained.

2.  To understand the implications of health policy and ethics in health promotion.

Discussion Board Activities:

1. Research the terms morality, ethics, bioethics, and human rights. Identify the differences/similarities among these terms, so you can apply them to the following questions/discussions.

2. Apply these terms to a health promotion topic that affects your population focus.

3. Discuss how the current health care reform in the US and how it impacts our health care system.  How will it affect the population you will serve?  Make sure to apply morality, ethics, bioethics, economic solutions, and other key variables that you have learned for the semester (you will need to have a basic understanding of health care legislation). Who will provide the funding for it?

4. For this primary posting assignment you are allowed 400-500 words. Remember to cite references using APA format.


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