Define Historiography

Introduction & Art History Primer

Study Worksheet

**Please note: This is document is intended to help guide your studies. It is not a comprehensive list of test material**


●       Define Historiography

●       Pick an object from your immediate surroundings that has an image on it

○       Take a picture of it (include this picture with your worksheet)

○       Describe the formal aspects of this object:

○       Describe the content of this object/image

○       Describe the context of this object/image:

●       Pick an image from the Introduction of the textbook

○       Title & Artist:

○       Describe the composition of the image

●       Define Conventions:

●       Pick your favorite genre of movie. What 3 films would be in the canon for the genre you picked? (Note that the Introduction of the text includes a different usage of the word ‘canon’)

●       Pick an image from the Introduction of your text.

○       Describe the primary focal point of the image

●       Describe what the Picture Plane is


Your text defines four kinds of evidence to look for when determining the age of an artifact.

●       List and describe them

●       List and describe the three kinds of style that your text defines

●       Define Patron

○       Why is knowing who the patron is important to understanding a work of art?

●       Define Illusionistic

●       Define Perspective

●       Define Medium

●       Define Foreshortening

●       Define Hierarchy of Scale

  • Give an example of

○       An additive method of sculpting

○       A subtractive method of sculpting

●       Define Relief Sculpture & Sculpture in the Round

●       In architectural drawing, what is the difference between a plan, a section, and an elevation?


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