Define industrialization

1. Define industrialization, what is it and how did it create a new system of production of goods. Create your own definition rather than using a dictionary definition.

2. How did industrialization in “the West” reorder society, including aspects of daily life, the nature of work and gender roles?

3. What advantages did industrialization provide industrial nations in terms of power relationships with non-industrial nations.

4. What are capitalism and socialism and how were they a product of industrial society?

5. Rather than following unique or exceptional historical paths, the history of the United States and Mexico experienced similar historical events, especially in terms of the acceptance of the Enlightenment. What was the struggle for the enlightened Americas? Did the United States and Mexico become more or less enlightened through the conflicts they experienced in the 19th and early 20th centuries?

6. The nations and peoples of the Americas also had common experiences in terms of industrialization, political ideologies and immigration. How did these three factors shape most of the countries in the Americas (North and South America)?

7. Historians have argued that the nature of the Americas was shaped by European developments such as industrialization, capitalism, and immigration. Does that make the Americas just an extension of Europe (and hence part of the “West”) or was the experience of people in the Americas (again North and South America) shaped by other factors that made their history different from Europe?


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