define translational research and how it connects to your role

I need about 130 words for each question with no Plagiarisms. Please put individual references by each question



In your own words, define translational research and how it connects to your role, either individually or in collective practice. Describe how you might use it in your current or anticipated future setting.


Using the GCU Library (notably the GCU Library: Nursing and Health Sciences Research Guide), find a database, journal, or other collection of resources that focuses on translational research. Select a population health problem or issue of interest from the available studies. What type of translational research is used for the study? Provide rationale as to why this is the best type of translational research is best for the study, and explain why translational research is the most appropriate approach for this problem or population.


Read Chapter 22 in Advanced Practice Nursing: Essential Knowledge for the Profession. URL: Read Chapters 1-3 and 25 in Advanced Nursing Research: From Theory to Practice. URL: Read “Practice-Based Research Priorities for Palliative Care: Results From a Research-to-Practice Consensus Workshop,” by Pillemer, Chen, Riffin, Prigerson, Schultz, and Reid, from American Journal of Public Health (2015). URL:



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