Description: Students are to complete the following

Description: Students are to complete the following: ?

Read the persuasion section in your textbook (or the Wikipedia entry about persuasion techniques (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). ?Watch the classic film “12 Angry Men.” ? ?Your assignment is to write an essay (100-500 words) that explains how textbook content from the chapter (and the wikipedia entry) connects to the film. That is, tell us how you can apply what you learn from the readings to the movie. ?Be sure to describe the relevant social psychological concept(s) from the text (using your own words) and explain clearly how the examples you have chosen illustrate the concept, theory, or research finding. For example: What persuasion strategies were used by the lawyers or by members of the jury? (Provide at least one specific example from the film). Describe the concept of “group think.” Did group think affect the jury in the way described by your text? How might prejudice and stereotyping have affected the way members of the jury perceived the defendant? Your write-up should be 500 words long (total)


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