Develop a Brief Customer Profile for Your Client

Develop a brief customer profile for your client. The profile will include the following: Choose two new customer segments for the newly repositioned brand, and name them. You can make up a name based on their characteristics. For example, if you were selling a coffee brand, you might have Serious Sippers as a customer segment and Dabble Drinkers as a second segment. Identify the primary and secondary markets. The primary market is often larger than the secondary market. These customers are often the primary users of the product. The secondary market can include “in-between” customers who might use or be interested in the product occasionally. Detail the demographics and psychographics of both segments. Include the basic characteristics of your current and potential customer such as age, income, education, and geographic locations. Evaluate your customers’ lifestyles such as hobbies and other interests. Based on what you learned from your brand value research, complete the following Develop 1 advertisement that matches the customer’s buying behavior. Explain the communication channel or venue where the advertisement will appear. Consider both online and offline opportunities.


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