Diffusion tensor imaging would be the best choice to examine

Question 1

Carla was driving to work when she heard a report from a medical center on the radio saying, “Upon conception, the sex of the baby is determined by the person who is least stressed out.” Knowing Carla is a critical thinker, which of the following thoughts did she most likely have?

Select one:

a. “Because the report is from a medical center, it must be true.”

b. “Before I believe that report, I need to check other sources.”

c. “Wow, it must be true or they wouldn’t put it on the radio.”

d. “Wait until I tell my partner that he must have determined the sex of our two sons.”

Question 2

Conan brought his mother to the hospital when he noticed she couldn’t move one side of her body and had great difficulty speaking. The physician informed Conan that his mother may have had a stroke. He wanted to confirm this speculation by using an imaging device that utilized X-rays. Which of the following was used on Conan’s mother?

Select one:

a. MRI

b. CT scan

c. EEG

d. fMRI

Question 3

Despite having a massive infection, Lindsey’s white blood cell count remained low. This could be due to a malfunction of her _____

Select one:

a. thymus.

b. parathyroid.

c. thyroid.

d. thalamus.

Question 4

Diffusion tensor imaging would be the best choice to examine _____

Select one:

a. individual neuron bundles.

b. a tumor in the brain.

c. a sleep disorder.

d. glucose uptake in the brain.

Question 5

Dr. Hernandez is researching the effect of a new treatment for depression. She is so excited about this treatment because she is sure it will help people. When she hands out the placebo pills, she is able to keep a neutral expression on her face. When she hands out the actual pills, she can’t help but let a little smile curl her lips and she bounces up and down very slightly due to her expectations the pill will really help these people. She is not aware she is doing anything different. As her student, you need to point this out to her to save the study from _____ bias.

Select one:

a. experimenter

b. participant

c. intentional

d. accidental

Question 6

Dr. Maizenblu was testing out a new medication used to treat depresson. He had 150 participants who had varying levels of depression. Because he wanted to see whether a new drug really worked, he separated the severely depressed from the mildly or moderately depressed. He then made sure the severely depressed group actually received the drug while the other group received the placebo. What error, if any, did Dr. Maizenblu make in this experiment?

Select one:

a. He made no error at all.

b. He did not have enough participants in the study.

c. He showed selection bias.

d. He showed unethical treatment of depressed people.

Question 7

Dr. Rodriguez, an educational psychologist, looks at the student-environment interaction to determine how to improve a student’s performance. He is taking the _____ perspective.

Select one:

a. cognitive

b. evolutionary

c. sociocultural

d. behavioral

Question 8

Dr. Solomon wants a record of the electrical activity in her patient’s brain during an epileptic seizure. She would schedule the patient for a _____ appointment.

Select one:

a. magnetic resonance imaging

b. electroencephalograph

c. positron-emission tomography

d. microelectrode testing


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