Discuss the issue of race

Cultural Book of Choice SynthesisDiscuss the issue of race ,sexism, prejudice, discrimination or persecution by synthesizing ideas from your book of choice, The Gardener video and your own experience. Essay length should be 1000-1200 words not including the reference list.Begin your discussion by briefly explaining and describing The Gardener related to race only (see Jones 2000) and a discussion of the book you read. You can also include in your discussion other issues in the book or from your own experience related to sexism, persecution or prejudice.Your paper needs to include a thoughtful and thorough discussion of the following questions:

  • Share an example of racism, sexism, or persecution that you have witnessed, experienced, or read about in your book of choice. Be specific.
  • Choose an example of discrimination based on observable behavior. What was actually said or done that was discriminatory? What is the level of discrimination (think in terms of Gardener’s levels of racism) and why do you think so?
  • Identify one intervention that you or someone else might have contributed to a better outcome in the example you shared. How might this intervention improve the disparity in health between racial groups?
  • Finally, describe two elements (event, incident, dialogue, discussion, scene, etc.) that you consider highlights in the book and why that a highlight.

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