Discussion Assignment

Find an article which discusses the key components of Frederick/Finer Debate(the article has been uploaded) from a perspective that works with your own research.  The article should address some aspect of public administration or public service which helps you with your ethics case development or the area in which you are interested(the proposal of my interest is uploaded). “Hint”: in order to do this you will need to familiarize yourself with the debate and its key components.  Then focus in on the components which are in line with your case or research focus.

Please share the article you found by attaching it to your discussion.  Provide a discussion here which briefly describes the key points of the article and why they are useful to you in your own research and thinking.

1-1.5 Pages total. Double space, 12 font size, times new roman, page numbers at the

bottom center (excluding references and a title page).


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