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Elimination complexities consist of the renal, pancreatic, hepatic, biliary and gastrointestinal systems within the body (Whitney, 2018). As one ages, there are normal age-related changes that occur that can affect an individual such as changes in kidney size, decrease in muscle tone of the bladder which can cause urinary retention, frequency and urgency. Other normal age-related changes include dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, slower gastrointestinal mobility which can lead to constipation and also decrease in appetite from decrease in sense and taste of food (Whitney, 2018). There are abnormal problems that can occur such as renal failure, benign prostatic hyperplasia, hepatitis, cholelithiasis, hernias, appendicitis, GI bleeding and GERD (Whitney, 2018).

These elimination complexities can affect daily routines, normalcy and ability to function throughout the day. Urinary frequency and urgency can cause accidents to occur which can lead to embarrassment that they could not make it to the bathroom in time. Constipation can lead to straining when having a bowel movement in turn possible discomfort and hemorrhoids. Decreased appetite can contribute to unneeded or necessary weight loss and cause potentially anorexia of the body and different muscles in the body such as the heart. Other problems can lead to discomfort in daily life and pain until medically treated. Nurse’s play an important role in providing support to the patient’s psychological and emotional needs. Nurses must first assess the situation appropriately and ensure that they are advocating for the patient’s well-being. A major part of nursing is to assist with preventing further deterioration and ensuring continued independence in patient’s lives. An example of preventing further deterioration is education on follow up care and regimens. If the patient is unaware of the medications to take, how to proceed with activity and diet plan and any other outside resources they can be unsuccessful. Therefore, nursing education plays an important role in assisting these individuals and promoting their independence.


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