Eat to Beat Heart Disease

aper 2 (15 percent): “Eat to Beat Heart Disease?”

This week’s paper is a case study.  Read the case study and answer the questions following in 1-2 page double spaced format.  Be sure to provide at least 4 references for your paper.

Case Study:

After his father suffered a heart attack last summer, Julio made some changes to his lifestyle to try to avoid his father’s fate. He stopped smoking, began working out with weights, cut down on butter and eggs, and started taking fish-oil capsules everyday. But he’s still about 30 pounds overweight, and he finds it hard to resist the fatty meats and fried foods he grew up with. Then again, Julio is only 21: He has plenty of time to get fit, right?

What do you think of Julio’s strategies to avoid heart disease? And do you know how different types of foods affect your heart and what roles exercise, smoking, and other factors play? Also, does Julio have plenty of time to get fit since he is only 21?


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