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TASK #1:
 Select a foreign country of interest to you.

TASK #2: Collect recent macroeconomic data.  Employ the internet and/or library database resources to obtain the macroeconomic data (e.g. GDP growth, unemployment rate, and inflation rate) that best characterizes the trend and current state of your selected country’s economy. Prepare a brief summary of your data in bullet list or table format on less than one typed page. On the same page, present a bibliography with all data sources properly cited. (10 + 5 points)

TASK #3: Recommend a macroeconomic policy (fiscal, monetary, trade, systematic reform, or long-term growth) to your country’s leaders. In no more than two paragraphs in your own typed words, explain why your policy might help your country’s economy. Be sure to associate your recommendation with the data you collected. (15 points)

Helpful Websites: http://data.worldbank.org/

http://hdr.undp.org/en  ( you can look under countries or data)


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