Effective public health initiatives today are different then those of the past because

  1. Effective public health initiatives today are different then those of the past because____
They take the public in consideration
They involve the government policy more today then they did in the past.
They seem to depend upon development of consensus and partnerships
  1. The first public health organizations were in what century
The sixteenth century
The late eighteenth century
The early nineteenth century
  1. How did the Civil War help enforce a national consciousness of epidemic disease?
Two thirds of the Union soldiers who died were killed by infectious disease rather then by bullets
Public Health became a major issues at this time
The army camps were more medical
  1. The Federal Government is involved in state and local health because?
It has the ability to regulate interstate commerce
Federal taxes pay for public health
Of clinical, social, and economical issues in public health.
  1. Out of the ten leading health indicators the number one indicator is?
Tobacco use
Mental Health.
Physical activity.
  1. Why is community assessment necessary?
So coalitions can determine what programs of policies should be developed
To understand what individuals need for health care.
To determine if individuals are poor and in need of health care.
  1. Public health has had seen a revolution in the past two decades, and the information that has been at the heart of this revolution is
Chronic disease control
Management of public health
  1. Public health has surveillance has a critical role in chronic disease control because
It gives information that is needed to develop more effective interventions and better target programs
It allows public health to operate
It allows public health to control disease
  1. What is the role of public health in the control of illness and disease?
To manage or improve the health of populations through prevention.
To control out breaks of disease.
To supply free services for people with disease.
  1. The synergy between individual and public health care goals, and services relies on?
The government and control of disease
The control of out breaks of disease.
The patient’s perception of his disease.

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