Elimination of a hydroxyl group requires:

Multiple Choice Questions

Elimination of a hydroxyl group requires:

Select one:

a. a baseb. Pt or Pdc. heatd. an acid and heat

Addition reactions can…

Select one:

a. also be oxidationsb. all of the abovec. reduce the number of C=C bondsd. also be reductions.

Condensation polymerization requires the reactants to have…

Select one:

a. at least two C=C bondsb. at least one C=C bondc. at least one reactive functional groupd. at least two reactive functional groups

Substitutions of a halogen by a hydroxide

Select one:

a. require a baseb. form an acidc. form a based. require an acid

Rename each of the following molecules so that their names are correct. Hint-draw the molecule! (2 marks each)

a) 2,5-dipropyl-3-bromohex-4-ene

b) 4-methyl-2-ethylpentan-2,3-ol


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