Essay 1

1) Discuss achievement of attaining practicum objectives for this course. Discuss practicum experiences that have contributed to the attainment of practicum objectives for this course.
2) Part II: Discuss identified gaps in practicum experiences and discuss plan to overcome learning gaps in future practicum experiences.
3) Part III: Discuss main points of final evaluation with practicum preceptor
4) Part IV: Discuss personal growth and development in the PMHNP role and the implications of your Christian worldview on future PMHNP practice.

Use APA format

COURSE Objectives

1.​Integrate the Christian world view in the delivery of psychiatric mental health care to adults and geriatric individuals

2.​Apply nursing, pathophysiology, biological, psycho-social, genetics, and population health knowledge in the assessment and management of adult and geriatric individuals including health promotion and disease prevention and chronic disease and complex acute psychiatric mental health issues

3.​Formulate evidence-based pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapeutic treatment plans including health promotion and disease prevention, care of chronic and complex acute psychiatric mental health issues of adults and geriatric individuals

4.​Evaluate cultural, ethical, legal and socioeconomic factors that affect adults and geriatric individuals seeking care, including health promotion and disease prevention, chronic and complex acute psychiatric mental health issues in various mental health care settings

5.​Collaborate with health professionals and community key resources in health promotion and disease prevention, management of chronic and complex acute psychiatric mental health issues of adults and geriatric individuals

6.​Utilize health care technology in clinical practice

7.​Evaluate evidence-based therapeutic models of interview techniques to develop a relationship and patient-centered care for individuals and families across the life span.

8.​Analyze evidence to support clinical decision making and evaluate the effectiveness of clinical decisions in the psychiatric care of adults and geriatric individuals who present for health promotion/disease prevention, chronic and complex acute psychiatric mental health issues

MY Objectives set

1.​I will improve my knowledge and show competency in assessing the client\’s cultural and religious beliefs of the clients that may impact their treatment plan. This will be achieved by integrating the Christian worldview into the ethical standards to deliver psychiatric healthcare to a diverse population.
2.​I will be able to utilize evidence-based practice to improve the knowledge base of the adult and geriatric individuals and the factors that impact their mental health. I will also be able to develop psychoeducational interventions for adult and geriatric individuals with mental health problems to improve their mental health status (Mahone et al., 2016).
3.​I will be able to apply and demonstrate the learned theories and evidence-based during the assessment and treatment of clients with mental health problems. This will help me to assess my effectiveness regarding clinical decisions for my psychiatric clients.
4.​I will be familiarized with the cultural, ethical, legal, and socioeconomic components that affect my clients. With this, I hope to promote the provision of competent care to the different patient populations.
5.​I will work collaboratively with all staff during the practicum to maintain an excellent trusting and collaborative relationship to facilitate the provision of comprehensive services while working with client, their families, and communities to provide the best quality of care across settings (Green & Johnson, 2015). I will also develop the ability to collaborate with the client’s primary care provider and the interdisciplinary team.
6.​I will be acquainted with the computer documentation system, and other types of electrotonic devices use to improve care. For instance, I will develop the skills needed to integrate telehealth into the care of the adult and geriatric patients. I will also educate and assist clients with mental health issues who are coherent to log vital data at the comfort of their home for immediate review. Eventually, telehealth allows to remotely monitor patients regarding their adherence and response to treatment.
7.​I will enhance my knowledge and skills regarding various evidence-based psychotherapies such as motivational interviewing, interpersonal psychotherapy and cognitive behavior therapy and appropriately recommend the right one for the specific mental health problem (Lake & Turner, 2017).
8.​I will refer to the DSM-5 to formulate a proper diagnosis, and differential diagnosis, and I will rely on evidence-based practice for the prescription of the correct therapeutic regimens. I will advocate for health promotion and disease prevention.


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