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Friends, I want to share with you these two pictures. The first one shows a white farmer in Africa in his well tended plantation. The second shows a native African farmer trying to turn his land productive with the help of the oxen. On the other side of the water, there lies a white-owned plantation whose productivity he will not be able to match. These two images speak to one of the legacies of western imperialism in Africa: Africans feel that they were robbed of their land by white intruders. White settlers on the other hand feel that they have turned the unproductive lands into productive ones and generated wealth for all. Therefore, they have legitimate claim to their farms their affluent life. Who is right and who is wrong? Sadly, they are both right — so tension goes on. Here is our question: To what extent the legacies of Western Imperialism are responsible for political, economic, and social malaises shared by Sub Saharan African nations today? Choose three Sub Saharan countries that demonstrate how the people of this region are still suffering from the legacies of western imperialism.


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