Ethics And Technology

Ethics And Technology

You have been working with an 11-year-old student for three months to help him with issues he’s been having with serious levels of anxiety and depression. The student has been responding well to counseling and is starting to develop more self-esteem and confidence through his interactions with you.

The parents of the student have just informed you that they will be going on a three-week business trip to England. They have received permission to take the student out of school so he can accompany them. Both the parents and the student have requested that you continue your counseling with the student via email and Skype during this time. They will be taking their computer on the trip and will provide the student with his own email account so the two of you can remain in contact.


  1. Identify the possible legal and ethical issues in this situation and identify the relevant legal and ethical codes that would address these issues.
  2. Develop a plan of action to address this situation.

Remember to use the above scenario provided to answer the two questions


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