1. Identify ethical dilemmas encountered in professional nursing practice.
  2. Describe the ethical theories and principles influencing healthcare decisions.
  3. Explain the interdependency of genetics, genomics, and ethics on nursing care.
  4. Describe the principles of genetics and genomics.
  5. Differentiate the legal and professional policies influencing healthcare decisions.
  6. Design nursing care strategies which incorporate genetic and genomic risk factors.


In your role as a case manager you have the opportunity for bedside rounding with the interdisciplinary team on your unit. In preparing for the week’s team rounds you need to prepare information to present a case summary and plan of care to the interdisciplinary team on your newly admitted client with a positive genetic test result. You look forward to the opportunity to advocate for your client and value the holistic approach that the interdisciplinary team supports.


Create a written case summary that details an evidence-based interprofessional comprehensive holistic plan of care based on expected genetic and genomic assessment findings for client with a positive genetic test results.

Include the following related to the chosen genetic condition:

  • Details pertaining to expected genetic and genomic assessment findings and diagnostic results
  • Ethical considerations including a potential ethical dilemma
  • Ethical theoretical foundations
  • Relevant legal and professional policies
  • Interprofessional care
  • Nursing care strategies



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