1. Review Robert Colescott’s George Washington Carver Crossing the Delaware: Page from American History, 1975. Remember that this was created around ten years after the Civil Rights Movement. Do you agree with the artist’s method of reinventing a classic historical image and incorporating racial stereotypes? Do you find this work insulting or demeaning, or successful and revolutionary? Why? Answer this essay with a minimum of two paragraphs.


2. What minimalist painter made large scale portraits of individuals using a grid format?


3. What did the newscasts of the Vietnam War have in common with body art that preyed on physical vulnerabilities?


4. The feminist installation piece called

7.  Who f

ounded the black feminist artists’ group as a reaction to receiving minimal attention in the Black Arts groups such as Spiral and The Studio Museum in Harlem?



8. Artists such a Vito Acconci rejected traditional artist’s materials and used what as their medium or canvas?


9. The movement called


The first black arts group organized since the New Negro Movement in the 1920s was called [removed]?


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