EXP 105 Student Resource Exam 1 (2019)

1. Your instructor has required you to format your paper in APA style, but you are not sure how to format it this way. Where can you find reliable and current guidelines for APA?

2. You have completed an essay for your course, but you are not sure that you’ve approached the assignment correctly. Where is the best place to turn for feedback?

3. You are beginning to write an essay for your course but want to better understand how to write a strong thesis statement. You can find a trustworthy thesis statement resource:

4. Writing is a critical skill that can be developed by using the Writing Center’s services and resources early and often.

5. When would a student want to use the paper review service?

6. Your instructor has told you that your last written assignment contained punctuation or grammatical errors which resulted in a point deduction. Your next written assignment is due tomorrow, and this time you want to turn in error-free work. What Writing Center support is available to help you fix grammatical and punctuation issues in your new assignment?

7. Ashford students have free access to the premium Grammarly proofreading tool if they sign up using their personal (not university) email address.

8. What is the turnaround time on papers submitted to the Paper Review link?

9. To get personalized feedback on the content or structure of your written assignment:

10. Which Writing Center service would best help a student get immediate assistance with a writing or APA question?


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