explain both the pluralist and power elite models

1. With regard to political power in the United States, explain both the pluralist and power elite models. Which one is in line with functionalism and which is in line with conflict theory?

2. The concept of anomie is a very timely one as we remain in a global pandemic with hundreds losing their lives daily. Using Robert Merton’s deviant adaptations to anomie, explain several ways people have responded to the feeling of anomie brought on by health and financial worries.

3. Explain the principle of laissez-faire and how the invisible hand, ideally, regulates the marketplace.

4. Explain how the United States, though mostly capitalist, also has multiple socialist programs. Provide several examples and explain how this country determines which programs will be socially run. NOTE: DO NOT include need-based programs, such as welfare, food stamps, etc. – refer only to the ones which are freely accessible to all.

5. When it comes to successful marriages, we usually tend to be homogamous, though there has been some movement away from this pattern in recent years. Explain why homogamous marriages tend to be more successful and give some possible reasons why this pattern has begun to shift.

6. Many acts that used to be categorized as victimless crimes are no longer illegal. At the same time, some argue that there is actually no such thing as a victimless crime. Using the sociological theory of your choice, choose one victimless crime (either one remains illegal or one that has been legalized) and explain why these actions are/were considered crimes, and whether or not you consider them to be victimless.


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