Explain Continuum Of Healthcare Delivery Across Systems And Services

Healthcare Policy Case Scenario: A 45-year-old female has requested a copy of her 80-year-old father’s health record. She has presented a power-of-Attorney (POA) and has a legal right to access his records. You provide a copy to the woman, but she has many questions regarding documentation of her father’s diagnosis. He has a Living-Will but the daughter does not have the right to make medical decisions. He was admitted to the intensive-care-unit (ICU) last week from the skilled nursing facility. When discharged, he was transferred to a long-term care facility that is part of the same healthcare system.


1. Explain the continuum of healthcare delivery across systems and services.

2. Use the case scenario to provide examples of a continuum of care in a healthcare system.

3. Evaluate the case and impact of policies on healthcare delivery.

4. Determine one U.S. federal, one state, and one local level healthcare policy that may impact the case.

5. Evaluate the impact of the patient’s age, the relationship of the requestor, and the POA for health record access.

6. Assess the impact of a Living-Will and why the daughter may/may not have the right to make medical decisions.

7. Interpret each policy, in relation to the case.

8. Justify your rationale for applicable policies.

9. Evaluate how the policy affects national and global health delivery systems, both directly and indirectly.


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