explain the business strategy and organizational context/culture

Occupational Health And Safety



Using the concepts covered in the Training, Motivation and Workplace Wellness:  Work-Family and Health Promotion Programs chapters (Chapters 8, 9, and 12) in Management of Occupational Health and Safety, Seventh Edition textbook, write a proposal that you will present to the Human Resources team for feedback. To provide context for this assignment, you should select an organization that you are presently working or have worked with.The team must reach agreement on the organization. This 4 – 6 page proposal will include recommendations of how to develop and integrate a Wellness Program for the organization:

Briefly outline the organization – presentation in bullet form is acceptable.You should explain the business strategy and organizational context/culture.Using your own words, your explanation should examine the demographics, the strategy for a wellness program and how this will develop employee engagement in the organization.


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