Extreme weather phenomena often make the news

Extreme weather phenomena often make the news.  What causes these events to happen and how are they reported?  For this discussion, you will be researching news articles to find an event that happened within the past six months.  The weather event can be tornadoes, extreme storms, extreme high or low temperature events, hurricanes, or floods.

1. Find a local or national news article posted within the last six months on extreme weather event.

2. In your initial post, write a one paragraph summary of the event, damage caused (if any) as well as an explanation of the cause.  Next, answer the following question: Is this article scientific fact-based reporting or editorial opinion? Explain your answer.

3. Include a link to the article in your initial post.

4. Reply thoughtfully to two other students with your thoughts on the weather event that they choose.  Do you agree with the students assessment of factual scientific vs. opinionated reporting?  Be sure to be kind and constructive with your answer.


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