Film Commentary California Lost Tribes



ANT 320

Film commentary: “California’s Lost Tribes” (All questions worth 4 points)


1. Brenda Soulliere, tribal judge for the Cabazon Band, explains early in the film that the presence of casino money has caused a shift in popular stereotypes of Native Americans in this country. Describe this shift.


2. According to the film, why has casino gaming worked on reservations, when so many other attempts to develop viable businesses on Indian land have failed?


3. Why have tribes decided to sign gaming compacts with states, even though these compacts have stripped away a piece of tribal sovereignty?


4. Why do some states, like California, try to prevent terminated tribes from regaining federal recognition?


5. On what basis do non-Indian people protest casinos in California (for example, as depicted in the segment of the film concerning Graton Ranchería and the Rumsey Casino in Capay Valley)?


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