Final Exam for MGT/434 Employment Law

Here’s the final exam.  For 2 points each, name 3 things you learned in this class that may help you in your job.  If you don’t have a job, imagine the job you want.  1 of the 3 things has to be about one of the laws we discuss in Week 5.

1.  Post your final exam answers as an assignment.
2.  Please explain in detail specific things you have learned—correctly explaining the concept you are writing about.  Do not simply list things.  Do not include generic statements like, “I need to stay informed about employment law.”  This sort of statement could be made for any class by filling in the class name for the italicized words.

3.  Part of the grade will be how well organized and well-presented you make this, your last assignment.  Use APA formatting (1 point allocated to this).


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