Gender Issues in Business Project Stage 1

Final Project BMGT Gender Issues in Business Stage 1

The final project is a staged project.  Students will demonstrate their ability to use the material presented in the class and from additional research. 

Student will analyze a real-life situation experienced or observed and will use the readings from the course, the learning activities/discussions, and additional research to write about a workplace situation that focuses on one of the gender issues discussed in the course. 

Stage 1

Prepare a one- to two-paragraph description of the case or situation you will analyze for the final project. Make sure to explain how this situation relates to your experience or what you observed. 

There will be Stage 2 and 3. I would like to work on those stages with one writer. As soon as stage 1 will be approved by my teacher I will post a new assignment for stage 2 and 3. 

I have attached the whole description of the Project Stages 1-3 so you know what it is all about and attached you will also find the class material that is covered so far. 

Final Project .rtf

Material W 1-2.rtf


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