Geography: Subsaharan Africa

TOPIC:  Concept Caching of Subsaharan Africa


OVERARCHING GOAL:  To gain a better understanding of a major concept that defines Subsaharan Africa Realm.


BASICS:  The Subsaharan Africa realm is full of fundamental  concepts that serve to define and describe the Subsaharan Africa realm. Throughout the process of reading , you may have seen some of these concepts. Now, you are going to take one of these concepts, explain the concept as it relates to the Subsaharan Africa Realm, and describe an example that illustrates this concept.



1.       Choose a concept from the list below and explain that concept as it relates to the Subsaharan Africa realm. You will be using mainly the presentation/your book for this.

2.       Next, find and describe an example of this concept within the Subsaharan Africa realm. You may need to research this outside of the book .

3.       Then, write up your findings

4.       Finally, include i) a map/illustration/diagram of your concept/example, and ii) a reference section (in MLA, or some other known citation format).

 Note: choose a concept here and use it


  2. Refugees
  3. Threatened Wildlife
  4. Government Corruption
  5. Ethnic Tension
  6. African Transition Zone
  7. Consequences of Colonization
  8. Political Fragmentation
  9. Democratic Forms of Government?
  10. Supranationalism
  11. Population Growth
  12. Civil Conflict
  13. Environmental Issues
  14. Sharia Law
  15. Failed States
  16. Globalization
  17. Militant Groups
  18. Diseases (other than HIV/AIDS)
  19. Success Stories

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