Geology Position Paper

Select a geo/environmental current event/topic and explain the arguments on either side (assuming there are only 2 sides to the argument). Don’t just state the arguments – summarize the evidence, data, and/or supporting information the proponents use to make their case.

Don’t take sides.  Report on the subject as a neutral objective observer.  Try to avoid “apples vs oranges” arguments (if possible).

Limit your paper to a couple/few pages.

Don’t use blogs or Wikipedia as primary sources.  Vet your sources.

Properly cite sources in text and provide references.  Fully format your references (not just links) and cite in-text where appropriate.  Any standard citation format that attributes the information to author, date, and publication is acceptable (MPA, ALA, etc.).

Check your paper for spelling and grammar.  The Academic Center for Excellence and The Writing Center are great resources.

Some additional note regarding grammar:


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