Global Health Care Organizations and Health Care Model

Executive summaries are real-world deliverables designed to covey essential information at a glance. Use phrases, bullet points, or create charts or tables to effectively communicate information. Refer to the Resources for links to examples of executive summaries and resources for templates.

For this assessment, assume the role as described in the scenario below and identify three major global health care organizations.

Scenario: Imagine you are on the staff of a newly elected congressional representative who has just been appointed to a health care committee. You have been tasked with developing a briefing for the representative that gives a balanced overview of both the global health care organizations and the three major health care models (entrepreneurial, mandated health insurance, and national health service). The briefing document is called an executive summary.

Your executive summary should contain three parts:

Part 1: An Overview of Major Global Health Organizations
Organize your executive summary by using the name of each organization as a subheading to address the requirements below.

Summarize the mission and major initiatives of each global health organization.
Analyze how each global health organization aligns to the basic principles of the World Health Organization Constitution.
Part 2: An Overview of Health Care Models
This information could be expressed as a chart.

Summarize the elements and structure of major health care models (entrepreneurial, mandated health insurance, and national health service).
Identify the elements of a health care system that make it effective for disease treatment.
Explain the key performance indicators used to measure heath system performance.
Compare specific health care models in terms of (choose one) cost, quality, access to service and care, staffing, or prevention.
Part 3: An Explanation of Key Performance Indicators
Summarize how key performance indicators for structure, process, and outcomes are used to assess performance and management.
Additional Requirements
Your executive summary should meet the following requirements:

Formatting: Use current APA standards for style and formatting.
Number of Resources: Minimum of 3 peer-reviewed resources.
Length: 4–5 double spaced pages. Not including title and reference page.
Font and size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Communication: Write clearly and concisely, with well-organized communication that is supported with relevant evidence. Use bullet points and phrases, or tables or charts to convey information succinctly.


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