gov 2305 chapter 12

Chapter 12 Assignment

PBS Frontline: Obama’s Deal…

1)What were the democratic objections to President Obama attempting healthcare reform?

2)Who pushed President Obama to pursue healthcare reform?

3)What is the ‘political price’ of a failed healthcare reform legislation?

4)Why did ‘Hillarycare’ under the Clinton Administration fail?

5)How did the Obama Administration approach healthcare reform differently than the Clinton Administration?

6)What ‘special interests’ were involved in the healthcare reform process?(hint: In this situation, we largely see certain industries being represented AND the video will talk about several throughout the video)

7)Why was Max Baucus a less desirable negotiator for the Democrats over healthcare reform?

8)How much money did Max Baucus receive from industries related to healthcare?

a.What do these contributions mean for the person making them?

9)Why were liberals outraged at how Senator Baucus/Democratic leaders were handling negotiations over healthcare reform?

10)Why did bipartisan negotiations over healthcare fail?

11) How did the Obama Administration end up getting the votes they needed to pass health care reform?

12) UPDATE: What is the current status of the Affordable Care Act under the new administration? How has President Trump tried to influence policy? Has he been successful- why or why not?
HINT: You’ll need to do a little research on your own for this one – provide me with your source(s)


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