health care efforts focused on controlling infectious diseases and improving

Fr. John’s medicine is suggested as a HEALTH protection practice from November to May for

a. English American Episcopalians.

b. Canadian Catholics.

c. Native American Baptists.

d. Italian American Catholics.

Among the HEALTH restoration practices for menstrual cramps for Irish American Catholics is

a. applying Vicks on the abdomen.

b. drinking cod liver oil in orange juice.

c. applying warm oil to the stomach.

d. drinking hot milk sprinkled with ginger.

Activities for HEALTH maintenance for Swedish-American Protestants include

a. walking distances on a regular basis.

b. dressing appropriately for the weather.

c. going to a physician twice a year whether needed or not.

d. starting each day with prayer.

While dressing properly for season and weather is an important HEALTH protection practice for Iranian-American Moslems, it is also important to

a. keep onions under the bed to keep nasal passages clear.

b. eat sorghum molasses.

c. keep feet from getting wet in the rain.

d. prevent evil spirits by not looking at a mirror at night.

A constant for any culture is the

a. ability for it to change quickly to adjust to new challenges.

b. requirement that all members of the culture act the same.

c. socialization into its traditions, language and practices.

d. necessity for its members to be homogenous in all their decisions.

Socialization into the health care culture includes an assumption that

a. effective treatment can only be done by educated and licensed professionals.

b. the more technological the intervention, the greater bene? t it yields.

c. interventions for health events must follow a prescribed protocol.

d. alternative complementary treatments have validity.

Contemporary per capita U.S. health care expenditures are expected to

a. increase as part of the overall gross domestic product.

b. decrease as health care becomes available for all citizens.

c. match those of other Western countries.

d. have the United States achieve the highest health status in the world.

Specified government efforts for health insurance have resulted in

a. decreasing the amount that Medicare covers for prescription medications.

b. decreasing the percentage of uninsured children under age 18.

c. increasing coverage for prenatal and well-baby care.

d. increasing the percentage of uninsured children under age 18.

Technology and scientific advances in health care have resulted in more conditions being treated than in previous decades. The most expensive costs for care are for which conditions?

a. Cardiac disease

b. Conditions resulting in transplantation

c. Diabetes care

d. Pulmonary disease

In the early part of the twentieth century, health care efforts focused on controlling infectious diseases and improving

a. maternal and child health.

b. the requirements of the medical profession.

c. chronic diseases.

d. health care costs.



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