Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management




Population health is the center of most health care institutions growth strategy changing market. The strategic pathway creates a platform for the transformation to accountable care. Principles of customer service and data driven decision making form the underpinning of accountable care and a patient centered model. The architecture of the delivery system will support management to several policies and regulatory drivers such as, core measures, patient satisfaction, mortality, efficiency. Through a process improvement approach they will establish, communicate, and follow written protocals and establish and use operational definitions. Also, incorporate dash boards and meaningful metrics, readiness and manage care. With the adoption of data- driven population health management has not come without its trails and tribulations, EHR’s and registries can help providers identify patients, target interventions, and access key patient data at the point of care. Having data managed and curated in electronic form helps doctors quickly identify patients who ar missing their appointments or who aren’t filing their prescriptions. Clinicians look at key clinical metrics.


CVS Health by leverage word of mouth marketing is the association of direct sales force, classes and expos. The states should achieve it. Work of mouth can be done through different types of media such as the radio. The purpose behind this move is to guarantee many individuals confronted with the care they require to know and search for the organization for administrations.
Direct marketing occurs if the “producer” joins with the end clients. The end client can be a customer or business. Direct marketing involves items and administrations situated organization, and nonbenefit associations. In all cases, there is no middle person included. Direct marking represents interactive correspondence with end clients. Direct marketing is not compatible with mass marketing. The best direct advertising happens when there is an unmistakable association with achieving the objective market. Associations may utilize a few approaches to using direct marketing as they speak with and convey things to clients. It might incorporate utilization of immediate deals compel, sites, email, lists, post office based mail, telemarketing, courses, public exhibitions among others.

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The purpose of Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act of 1982 was enacted to “amend the Accounting and Auditing Act of 1950. The purpose of this act was to enact constitutional accounting and administrative controls, for the prevention of waste or mistreatment of agency funds or property and to assure the “accountability of assets.” A report of completed reviews conducted by each department head is requested to be submitted to Congress and the President. A report is required when reporting weakness in controls, along with a schedule of corrective measures. A statement may be provided to report that the agency is inadequate standings. Both statements and reports are required to be made public, which will exclude all classified information (H.R.1526 – Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act of 1982, n.d.).

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