Healthcare Policy and Finance

The purpose of this assignment is to provide guidance for generating a letter to request assistance from or share an opinion about a healthcare concerns with an elected officials.  
Review the YouTube video entitled Writing to Your Government Officials located under Resources to Enhance Learning 4 on the previous page. 
Choose a healthcare concern and select an elected official to whom you wish to address your concern.  
Draft your proposed letter using the correct salutation, formal writing and correct closing.  See the grading rubric below to assure success. 
Submit the proposed letter in the correct Canvas submission area.  
See the grading rubric for details to successfully complete this assignment.  Writing a Letter to Elected Officials Assignment.docx

NU710 Healthcare Policy and Finance

Writing a Letter to Your Government Official’s Assignment

Grading Rubric


Criteria Points
1.      Address the Official using their correct title, name and address. 10
2.   Provide a courteous introduction of the concern in the letter 15
3.   Provide a succinct statement and review of the concern.  Provide compelling data as needed. 40
4.   Provide a complete closing with your name, address, email and phone number (you may use fictitious contact information if you wish). 15
5.   Correct grammar and spelling must be used in this formal letter. 20
TOTAL Points 100




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