History Homework

Reference book” History of Latin America Volume 2″ Chapters 17 and 18



1.      The reasons for the rise of Sendero Luminoso remain something of a mystery. Describe the conditions in the sierra that may have helped to foster the rise of this movement and its extremist ideology.


2.      Analyze the rise and fall of Salvador Allende. What circumstances enabled him to win the presidency in 1970? What caused the coup of 1973?


3.      After an investment of more than $4 billion in U.S. military and economic aid to the Salvadoran government, the war in El Salvador ended in an impasse. Summarize the historical background of the war and suggest reasons for the failure of U.S. policy in El Salvador.


4.      How did women variously participate in the revolutionary struggles in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, and how did their demands affect the state’s role in national economic development?

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