History Paper

You are required to read/view and compare the set of documents contained in the PDA #3 Documents Folder.

Answer the following four questions in an essay with a MINIMUM length of Two (2) FULL Pages:

1. Do you agree with President Jackson’s conclusions of the necessity for an Indian Removal Policy? Why or why not?

2. Do you agree with President Jackson’s assessment of the faults of the Bank of the United States and its supporters? Why or why not?

3. Is President Jackson’s arguments against South Carolina’s attempts at nullifying federal laws persuasive? Why or why not?

4. Based upon your reading of these documents, can you better understand why President Trump might try to model himself after President Jackson? What positive trait(s) of Jackson can you envision Trump attempting to emulate? What are the potential dangers of President Trump linking his administration to that of President Jackson?

Please remember to use specific details from the document to support your arguments.

Please follow the Formatting and Citation requirements posted in both the Orientation and Writing Assignments pages. Grammar and spelling will also be considered when your essay is graded. The papers are due by the specified deadlines found in both the Syllabus and the Announcements page on this course website. This Primary Document Analysis is worth 50 possible points.

Cite any outside sources you use in your paper (ie…book, article, website, etc.) Failure to do so can result in a charge of plagiarism, which has serious consequences. Please ask questions if in doubt.You will be able to write this essay on your word processing program (Word, etc.) and upload it to me through an anti-plagiarism program called SafeAssign by clicking here.


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