Homeless Infographic

Homeless Infographic

Create an infographic about the diverse homeless population. The infographic should include the following elements:

A brief overview of the disparity/diverse population
Statistics to support the existence of the health disparity
Unique challenges this group faces trying to get health care
Access-to-care issues that contribute to their health disparity
A picture, graphic, YouTube video, or other media element to create empathy for this diverse population and the challenges they face
References in APA format at the bottomYou will be graded on the presentation of information and on creativity. Take time to look at other infographics and see what catches your attention and what does not. Learn from what you observe.

The following sites have free trials and you may find other free infographic sites on your own. Some allow you to download what you create, and other sites let you post to a community page and get a link to share.

PicMonkey Infographic (Links to an external site.)
Venngage: How to Make an Infographic in 5 Steps (Guide) (Links to an external site.)

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