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Which description applies to sun time?

A. sun time uses zones based on 15° of longitude

B. noon is when the sun is over the meridian of the place

C. daylight-saving time advances the time by an hour in the fall

D. locations to the east are earlier than to the west

E. the time is set as the time of the central meridian

2. On Lab 2 Map, what are the coordinates of point 14?


A. 70°W, 10°N

B. 10°S, 70°W

C. 70°S, 10°E

D. 70°S, 10°W

E. 10°S, 70°E

3. Using this map of part of Nebraska, U.S.A., what town is located nearest to 40° 30’N, 98° 58’W?


A. Minden

B. Milligan

C. Ravenna

D. Upland

E. North Loup

3. Using this map of part of Nebraska, U.S.A., which is the most accurate coordinate for Valparaiso in the green county on the northeast corner of the map?


A. 41°N, 96° 50’W

B. 96° 50’N, 41°W

C. 41°N, 97°W

D. 41°N, 96° 50′

E. 41° 5’N, 96° 50’W


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