Woman Studies Questions

1) After reading the pages in our text, document the life of a woman political leader of your choice.  How did she manage to succeed, given the obstacles to women’s political leadership? 

Also, view this video on quotas for including women in the business and political world:  is this the way to make progress in ensuring women are equally represented in business and government? LINK TO VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UNGFWohH_s


2) Our textbook says that one issue facing women today is the draft.  Do you feel that women should be drafted, just like men?  why or why not?


3) The divide between public and private sphere has contributed to the unequal system of representation of women in politics, as a woman’s place was “in the home.”  This same division has contributed to the exclusion of women or the downplaying of other problems such as domestic abuse (what happens inside the home is “private”).  How important do you think this division is, and how far do you think the government can go in legislating where the line is drawn


4) Read the article on the Supreme Court’s rulings on abortions.  In what way could we consider the debate a strategy for “keeping women in their place” vs. a woman’s struggle for power over her own body?  Do you think that the efforts taken now to curb the right to abortion are a backlash against the strides women have made in seeking equality?  Where do you stand on this issue, and how has taking this class influenced your stand, if at all? Respond to a classmate’s answer. LINK HERE http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5029934





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