Aviation Labor Relations

Use the Internet to answer the following items. Be sure to cite your sources. 

  1. A major part of the study of labor law and collective bargaining is the unique vocabulary that has developed over the period of time; accordingly, define the following terms and concepts:

    a)  Public Policy
    b)  Developmental Policy Initiatives
    c)  Regulatory Policy Initiatives
    d)  The Railway Labor Act (RLA) of 1926
    e)  Impasse
    f)   Mediation
    g)  Fact Finding
    h)  Arbitration

  2. The aviation industry has several distinct segments. Briefly describe the segments and the labor laws and practices identified with each.

    a)  Aviation Manufacturing
    b)  The Air Transport Sector

    1)  Major and National Airlines

    2)  Regional and Commuter Airlines

    c)  General Aviation
    d)  Government Aviation


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