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In simple terms, nursing is a profession of taking care of patients and persons who are not physically or mentally capable enough to make their responsibilities. Previously, it was thought to be a female-oriented profession; however, now, many males are showing interest in this profession and joining nursing courses with enthusiasm. Nursing as a profession is full of different outstanding obligations towards patients and their family members. Nursing also means strong knowledge of different techniques that apply to the patients to keep them healthy or help them recover from illnesses. To become a professional nurse, you need to have a diploma or degree in nursing. After completing your bachelor’s degree in nursing, you can go for specialization in different fields.

In recent years, nursing as a profession with the changing socio-economic scenarios across the world has been witnessing many changes. Such changes are further stimulated with introducing biotechnology, pioneering inventions in the fields of genetics, biology, medicines, and many other allied disciplines. Today, nursing is not just restricted to the personal care of patients. Still, it includes administrative controls of a hospital, mass communication, and above all, professional development partnership with the medical practitioners. Like any other profession, nursing as a profession has several distinctive characteristics and discipline-specific language. Following are different nurses that require specialized knowledge with relevant degrees, diplomas, or certifications:

Registered Nurse: After completing the bachelor’s degree, you become a registered nurse (RN). A registered nurse assists the physicians, takes several types of administrative responsibilities, and helps the doctors in case management and treatment planning.

Intensive Care Unit Nurse: An ICU nurse needs to be an RN with a specialization in this field of nursing. They provide nursing care to those having serious injuries and illnesses.

Medical-Surgical Nurse: This medical-surgical nursing is accepted as the foundation for healthcare. It is believed a medical-surgical nurse can handle many patients. As a professional nurse in this discipline, you need to carry out an array of tasks. They also need to have the strong managerial ability and prioritization skills. You become capable of treating all kinds of ailments.

Emergency Room Nurse: As an emergency room staff, you will treat patients arriving at the emergency rooms. It is an essential responsibility as most of the patients who arrive at the emergency room remain in critical condition.

Operating Room Nurse: As an operating room nurse, you take preoperative responsibilities and act as a support to the surgeons. You also act as a liaison between the surgical team and the patient’s family. There remain several other responsibilities.

There are several other fields of nursing that need specialization such as a home health nurse, travel nurse, ambulance nurse, clinical nurse, neonatal intensive care nurse, and pediatric nurse. These days specialization in nursing is essential as hospitals and clinics look for specialized nurses for every department.

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