How could ineffective communication impact the ability to lead others

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I like how you mentioned these positions are fluid, changing with each situation. How could ineffective communication impact the ability to lead others?



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The actions associated with leading, managing and following are numerous and nuanced. Leading implies taking a position of ownership over a particular circumstance or group. Similarly, managing implies delegating various tasks within a particular circumstance to various other individuals but not taking the ownership, necessarily, for that circumstance Following is perhaps the most pivotal role within any working scenario because this indicates the actions required to fix the situation or improve the circumstance (Unsworth, Melling & Porteous, 2021). Examples of how leading applies to the enhancement of the word team are in acting as a position of authority to whom others can seek guidance or advice. A leadership position, like that of a supervisor, provides the point of reference that can be so useful in undertaking the intricacies of nursing. Examples of how managing applies to the enhancement of the work team are situations like ensuring there are enough staff on for a particular shift and that not everyone takes their holidays at the same time. This position is imperative to ensure that the patients in a particular ward can have enough staff to receive the care that they need. Examples of how following applies to the enhancement of the work team are in the literal actions required to keep patients safe and healthy during their time in hospital. Following is the doing of tasks guided by clinical knowledge and managerial instruction. Those who follow can often bolster their own confidence and skills by knowing that they can reach out to the leader and the manager to verify particular decisions when necessary. I feel that these positions are not fixed and rather there are times when a nurse could move from one position to another. An example of this would be if a “following” nurse was caring for a patient whose health suddenly and rapidly declined. The nurse who witnessed the health decline would need to become the manager of that situation, calling on other nurses to assist and directing those nurses to follow her orders.




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