How perception affects decision making within a company? Communications homework help

Write a paper that explains how perception affects decision making within a company.  Explain the importance of clear communication within that company.  You can either create an issue that the company is having, or demonstrate how a department completes their work by the two tasks above.


 When reviewing the previous link, you DO NOT need to have an abstract.  You MUST have a title page (correctly labeled), running header, page numbers and proper citation page.  You MUST use 3 different references for all papers, and at lease one of those should be our course material (listed in the syllabus). They MUST be a minimum of 1250 words.  There should be NO papers that are plagiarized.  If you feel that there is too much of your paper that you took from a book, please use this link to send your paper thru: (Links to an external site.).


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